Minuit Á Paris Mini Golf | Grand Opening Invitation
When given the project to create an invitation to a mini golf event in Paris, the concept of Minuit Á Paris Mini Golf was born. 
With the course located infront of the Effil Tower, it is a well known hot spot for the rich and famous to enjoy some drinks at the two story clubhouse tavern overlooking the course or tour Paris all in one round of miniature golf.  
The invitation for the grand opening event was sent out to exclusive guests and included a calendar that featured photography from each destination that could be visited throughout the course. A broshure incorporated a score card for the game, Clubhouse Tavern Clubhouse menu, and a convient map of the course. 
An app was also created to enhance the guests experience, as the social network would allow the exclusive guests to see fellow guests score cards and pictures while they travel around paris all in one night, one hole at a time. 
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